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R&D Ventures

Antimicrobial Drug Development Against Clostridium Difficile

- Repurposing Clofazimine as a single answer to three major public health problems...


Antibiotics & Microbiome Dysbiosis

- Exploring the relationship between antibiotic use & the dysregulation of the human gut microbiome...


Cell Line Authentication & Microbial Genotyping

- Use a combination of Cell Biology, Immunology, & Molecular biology including Next Generation Sequencing techniques to identify mammalian and bacterial cell genotypes...


Support HarmonyTM Prenatal Test Kits Development

- Generating a constant supply of EBV-transformed cell line / DNA for Ariosa/Roche to develop Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) kits to detect fetal chromosomal abnormalities in maternal blood...

Technical Capabilities

Cell Biology

- EBV transformation; mammalian cell line expansion; establishment of primary, tumor & viral cultures; diagnostics...



- In vitro & in vivo pre-clinical testing; establishment of bacterial cultures; antimicrobial activity...


Molecular Biology

- DNA/RNA/protein isolation; PCR; immune assays; Next Generation Sequencing...



Biomaterial and investigational drugs storage without compromising integrity: liquid nitrogen, -80⁰C, -20C, 4C and ambient; shipping, domestic & international; sample processing & aliquoting...

Value-Added Features of KamTek Operations

  • Variety of cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology operations performed at KamTek facilities.                             
  • Full range of biorepository services to support all types of biotech R&D and pre-clinical operations:
    • Biorepository facility with state-of-the-art infra-structure and management;
    • biospecimen receipt, sample management; and,
    • laboratory production and testing of specimens
  • Facilities with Multi-layered backup power, monitoring and information management systems
  • Quality and excellent track record of service by a cohesive team of highly trained and dedicated staff and service providers
  • Facility security and monitoring systems
  • Preventive maintenance and calibration of critical equipment and tools 
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Total Quality Management

To ensure data accuracy, total quality management and personnel safety of all processes:

  • KamTek practices are cGMP compliant (21CFR Part 211);
  • Freezer monitoring and database management processes are 21CFR Part 11 compliant;
  • Pre-clinical projects are GLP compliant; and
  • Follow biosafety practices.
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NAICS Codes: 493120, 532210, 541380, 541710/541711/541712, 541990, 561210



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