Sample Monitoring


Sample monitoring is at the heart of bio-repository operation, from the time of sample acquisition, lab processing, cryo-preservation, cryo-storage, inventory, shipment to investigators. Each stage has its own unique mode of monitoring. It could be actual monitoring the physical condition of the sample, its temperature record during different stages of its life cycle, its designation, designation of its derivatives, condition of label itself, storage location(s), distribution record(s) and any experimental data generated.
KamTek staff is keenly aware of the fact that reliability of data generated is totally dependent on the fact that condition of the sample is closest possible to its native state at the time of testing. SOPs are established and used at KTI for each mode of monitoring at each stage of the life cycle of a specimen.


KTI has set of instructions for sample collection from the donor based on down stream objective of the sample withdrawal. These are submitted to the appropriate personnel from the organization responsible for the task. These instructions would also include how to package the specimen for shipment to KTI.



One has to guard against compromise of the physical stage and identity of the specimen at each stage of processing. SOPs include steps to safe guard from temperature deviations beyond allowed limits, contamination from the environmental microbes, improper labeling of original specimen and its derivative including date of generation of such derivatives, as well to safe guard the technical staff from bio-hazardous materials.



All types of freezers including Walk-in cold rooms holding all samples, crucial repository equipment (i.e. stand-by power generator, availability of power, communication etc.) are being monitored 24/7 by state of the art Centron Monitoring System (CMS) from Rees Scientific. At all times, the system allows real-time access to the data, so much so it also informs on the functioning of its own system in real time. In addition, KTI security system supplies real-time data on the environmental conditions (temperature, flooding) of the repository facility itself.

Management of Freezer Temperature Monitoring System:

To ensure that under emergency situation, Rees CMS would respond accurately, in a timely and professional manner, following tests are conducted and recorded on weekly basis for all freezers and critical equipment alarm contacts:

    • a) Temperature data given by phone call to Rees Computer matches with that shown on the computer screen for the selected inputs/freezers.


    • b) Rees probe readings as compared to Freezer factory probe readings recorded to determine prolonged period of performance by the two systems.
    • c) On annual basis, REES CMS probes are calibrated on site by using NIST Compliant Rees Software.


    • d) Rees system is set up to make an automatic phone call once a week to KTI office to establish that POT land line and external modem are operational. Monthly report for this QA/QC check is generated and maintained.


    • e) Temperature data generated by the Rees CMS system is reviewed on a regular basis.


  • f) Graphic Temperature reports for each unit are generated every month for each of the freezers of each Client. These QA/QC sheets are maintained on file for reference at any time.