Molecular Biology

Most of the projects undertaken at KamTek require one or the other type of nucleic acid evaluation or protein/glycoprotein studies. This includes cell culture projects that require the product documented to be free of Mycoplasma. KamTek is set up to perform PCR based evaluation of the growing or grown cultures. Some of the examples of molecular biology applications are as follows: 


 DNA/RNA isolations: The EBV transformed cells grown to large quantities are used to harvest DNA which is used as control DNA for DNA diagnostic kits developed by our clients. For example, Roche’s Harmony screening and diagnostic kit for detection of chromosomal abnormalities in fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood use DNA from cell lines developed from cord blood carrying such abnormalities. Also DNA isolated from cell lines prepared from blood samples with specific HLA types for FDA can be used for HLA DNA typing assays. Tweaking of DNA isolation technique is being used for isolating it for microbiome studies from variety of biological samples.


PCR RT-PCR assays: These have been used for nucleic acid based diagnostics for different stages of our inhouse projects as well as for clients' projects for nucleic acid detections and evaluations.


ELISA both liquid phase and solid phase assays are used for detection of a variety of antigens for a wide variety of applications.