Cell Line Authentication and Microbial Genotyping

Over the years, it has become clear that identification and biological materials such as Cell line authentication and genotyping of microbes is crucial for success of any biomedical research. Such an efforts can save millions of research funds going to waste -- Hence NIH mandate to evaluate, identify and authenticate biological research material before use with NIH funds.   Cell line authentication and microbial genotyping requires careful systematic evaluation of the source of the materials with appropriate choice of tests that can be performed to reach consensus.  These tests could be a combination of: 

  1. Certain staining protocols with specific dyes with or without a follow up Microscopic visualization,
  2. Immunoassays to establish presence of antigen(s) specific to the cell line or other biological material,
  3. DNA/RNA hybridization assays to detect certain nucleic acid sequences,
  4. Cytogenetic analyses to establish species of origin or a chromosomal abnormality,
  5. PCR amplifications for analysis of certain specific gene sequences
  6. DNA finger printing to detect DNA segments specific to the biological material. 


KamTek has established protocols for most of these test types and are given in subsequent sections on Technical Capabilities of the company.  At the same time, for certain specific test types, when needed already established service provider is used for final analysis.