The KTI biorepository is a fully cGMP-compliant facility located in Frederick, Maryland, on the same site as KTI offices and laboratories, and occupies 7,500 sq ft of space with adjoining 2500 sq. ft. of biotech labs. The most important single focus of the biorepository services is the security and safeguarding of the identity and functional integrity of biospecimens in KTI custody while providing complete array of biorepository services  and maintaining personnel safety.


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Available storage conditions within the biorepository include:

  • Ambient temperature
  • 4ºC upright refrigerators, 2 walk-in cold rooms
  • -20ºC upright freezers, 2 walk-in freezers
  • -70ºC ultra-low freezers (upright & chest)
  • Liquid nitrogen freezers (liquid & vapor phase)
Clients may opt to have samples stored in their own freezers or in KTI freezers.



Biorepository facility management is focused on protecting the integrity of all stored samples. Detailed procedures are in place to ensure proper handling of any and all situations. Specifically:

  • Systems for temperature, humidity, flooding and pest control monitoring are in place
  • Backup storage space is available for every condition
  • Temperature and electrical integrity of all freezers is monitored 24/7 using the Rees Scientific Centron Environmental Monitoring System with remote access capability and cellular backup in case of loss of internet service
  • Uninterrupted supply of backup power (800A, 300kW generator + 800G fuel supply)
  • Uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen (3000 Gallon tank)
  • Electronic access to KTI building and biorepository, burglary alarm sensors at each site door and 24/7 video surveillance within biorepository


KTI is equipped to handle domestic/international incoming/outgoing shipments of materials. Additionally, KTI can manage the secure transport of large sets of materials, including entire freezers, to and from its facility.


Processing of biomaterials is handled within KTI laboratory space by trained staff.


Notably, KamTek staff are trained in the use of Biospecimen Inventory Management System (BSI), from Information Management Services (IMS), for data management.