Capabilities & Tailored Services

For cryo-storage services, KTI offers great deal of flexibility of storing samples either in clients freezers or KTI freezers. Moreover, no account is too small or too large. Clients may store from one sample box (81 vials size) to one or more freezer racks or a number of freezers. Each and every aspect of the facility is designed with keeping specimen integrity and safety in mind and thus to provide complete peace of mind to our customers. This amounts to providing backups in the infra-structures as well as in the facility management procedures.

The most important component of receiving and accepting biological reagents and specimen shipments on time and in good condition is the proper initial packaging, marking, labeling, and documenting of the incoming shipment. All incoming reagent shipments by ground or air transport are expected to be packed and shipped in full compliance with all requirements for the shipment of dangerous goods, infectious substances and biological products.

Most freshly isolated samples undergo some type of initial processing before their cryo-preservation and storage. Samples received in cryo-preserved state simply get inventoried while placing them in storage.

All types of freezers including Walk-in cold rooms holding all samples, crucial repository equipment (i.e. stand-by power generator, availability of power, communication etc.) are being monitored 24/7 by state of the art Centron Monitoring System (CMS) from Rees Scientific. At all times, the system allows real-time access to the data, so much so it also informs on the functioning of its own system in real time. In addition, KTI security system supplies real-time data on the environmental conditions (temperature, flooding) of the repository facility itself.

KamTek undertakes all types of domestic and international shipments at required temperature specific to the storage temperature of both infectious, non-infectious and clinical samples. These procedures are performed by trained staff meeting all required transportation regulations. The key is to ensure cold-chain custody maintaining constant required temperature while staying in compliance with all regulations and safety measures.

KTI maintains detailed SOPs for inventory process for specimens stored at our facility ensuring the validity and identity integrity of each specimen. KTI uses 21CFR part 11 compliant database management system for real time tracking history of storage, processing or movement of samples within and out of the repository during shipment process.

Sample Types Stored 
  • Blood, PBMCs
  • Plasma
  • DNA, RNA, Oligos
  • Proteins, Glycans
  • Off site Backup Storage for other Repositories
  • Tissue & Cell Lines
  • Agro & Plant Samples
  • Stem Cells & Cord Blood
  • Fluids & Urine > Clinical Samples
  • Serum
  • Immune-sera
  • Hybridomas
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Vaccines
  • Slides
  • Other Biological Materials