Database Management of Inventory

All repository tasks such as specimen receipt (accession), storage, aliquoting, processing, testing, shipments and inventory of units are managed through the database management system. KTI has used different database systems over the years, starting with D-Base III or IV, Access, FoxBase Pro and SQL based system. KTI currently uses SQL based BSI database management system designed to promptly and accurately track all repository specimens through each repository function. The current inventory can be automatically calculated based on the transaction history and matched with actual amounts in the inventory. This affirms the integrity of the repository inventory on a constant basis.One of the most important additional features of the BSI database system is that the client can have a real 24 hour access to the system through appropriate security and view the verified data or records, download specific information for report generation, and send task orders electronically.


BSI-II is a multi-project database management system and allows for storage and securing of inventory data for each project independent of the other.