EBV Transformation

Recent developments in genomics and proteomics have necessitated a constant supply of DNA belonging to specific genotypes. This requirement has taken an unusual dimension due to the relevance of genomics to medicine. Transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes by EBV is a laboratory procedure developed as a combination of a sound scientific operation and state of the art technology involving tissue culture. Immortalization of cells takes 6-8 weeks to generate large amounts of cells that can be indefinitely grown as a continuing source of genetic material (DNA) and human monoclonal antibodies. Our success is rate is more than 95%. We shall be delighted to assist you if you are engaged in any research involving DNA. You simply need to supply us with a sample of whole blood.


Generalized EBV Transformation Protocol

  1. The peripheral blood lymphocytes obtained from a donor are cultured in complete RPMI 1640 tissue culture medium.
  2. The culture is infected with EBV supernatant. The cells usually start showing morphological changes after 3 to 4 days when dividing cells can be seen as dumbbell shaped structures under an inverted microscope.
  3. Typical morphological changes manifested by an actively growing cell culture comprise cellular clumps which can be seen with a naked eye. Usually it takes six to eight weeks to obtain a fully transformed culture showing typical manifestation of big cellular masses.

What KamTek will need from you

  • Sample and Shipping Requirement: The whole blood sample (8 ml) collected in a sterile citrate or heparin tube. The blood sample must be stored at room temperature and shipped to KamTek facility within 24 hours. However, for fetal cord blood, even 2 ml of blood is sufficient.
  • Donor Consent Form: It is essential to have properly executed donor consent form approved by client’s institutional review committee if the DNA is going to be used for research.

What KamTek can provide you

  • We will establish the lymphoblast B-cell lines for you.
  • We will provide you with the data on viability of normal as well as transformed cells.
  • We will also provide you with the DNA profiles of the normal as well as transformed cells if you need.
  • KamTek maintains a state of the art repository where we can store your samples as long as you desire for a nominal fee.